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DO’s & DON’Ts: COVID-19 Survival Tips

By April 3, 2020April 26th, 2024No Comments

Last week, I was struggling to get off the couch. I knew I needed a strategy to survive the long days, weeks, and possibly months ahead. Can you relate? If so, please read on for a few tips that have worked wonders for me:

1.    Do follow all advisories and mandates from governing authorities.This is a must. Most of us have never experienced a pandemic, and it’s life or death for some folks.

2.    Do make a schedule. It can be simple, but stick to it. You need a reason to get off the couch.

3.    Do clean something: a bathroom, a rug, a junky closet, a flowerbed, a shed. This will give you a sense of accomplishment. That’s huge.

4.    Do read something. Reading is active learning and that makes our brains happy!

5.    Do create something: a pie, a picture, a poem, a shelf, a story. When we create, we stretch ourselves.

6.    Do move something. How about your body? Yep, that would be E-X-E-R-C-I-S-E. No matter where we are, we can do something-jump, walk, run, crunch, lift, dance. Just move. You’ll feel better. I promise.

7.    Do enjoy something: music, a puzzle, birdwatching, sumo wrestling, chocolate-whatever sparks joy.

1.    Don’t observe social distancing with God. He has paid an unimaginable price to have a close relationship with us. (John 3:16) We can hang out with Him ALL the time.

2.    Don’t overdose on news.Yes, the pandemic is horrendous and heartbreaking, but ingesting ‘all the bad in the  world’ 24/7 will not help you. Instead, ‘feed’ on some good news-found in the next tip…

3.    Don’t ignore the best book ever written: The Bible. Whatever you need—hope, assurance, comfort, love, forgiveness—it’s all in there!

4.    Don’t squander time. Yes, our routines and habits have been turned upside-down. We may feel we need to camp out on social media or play video games or watch non-stop Netflix to survive.  But let’s connect with those near us. Right now, they are ‘our life.’

5.    Don’t horde. It’s scary to think we won’t have what we need. However, the ‘best book ever written’ states that ‘your Father (God) knows what you need before you ask Him.’ (Matthew 6:8). So ask Him.  There’s no need to cram our closets full of canned chili.

6.    Don’t give in to despair. Babies are still being born, the world is still turning, and even though it might not ‘feel’ like it, God is still in control.(Psalm 24:1)

And finally:

7.    DON’T use hay bales for toilet paper. (Had to throw this one in. Some enterprising Iowa farmer has a great sense of humor. My hat is off to him! ☺)

Stay safe, stay home and stay off the couch!



Author Joy Cleveland writes Small Town Contemporary Christian Romances that will warm your heart, feed your soul, and quite possibly tickle 'your funny bone.' A product of small town living, Joy strives to craft characters that feel like family and places that feel like home. Currently, she calls Iowa home. When she's not tapping computer keys, she's playing with grandkids, mowing grass, or chasing her dog. A lover of words, she's published short stories, plays for children, and quirky newsletters. "To Call My Own' is her first novel.

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