Summer Reading-Fest: No ‘Dieting’ Allowed!

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Need a big, juicy 5-star historical trilogy?

If you answered ‘yes,’ then Francine Rivers is your girl. Check out The Mark of the Lion trilogy, set in Rome, circa 70 A.D. Book one is entitled: A Voice in the Wind. You will meet a huge soup pot of humanity: soldiers, gladiators, aristocrats, slaves, deceitful women, drop-dead gorgeous men… You will witness the worst in a human being and the very best. The main character is Hadassah, a young Jewish Christian sold into slavery.

The minute you finish book one, you will ‘crave’ book two. In fact, you will probably rush to Amazon or your local library like a crazy person. Book two is entitled: An Echo in the Darkness.  Book three is As Sure As the Dawn.  It is more of a stand-alone book that follows a different character.

The Mark of the Lion is my favorite story in ‘the whole universe.’ I love the ‘meaty’ plot, the descriptions, the setting, the characters…I ‘literally’ could go on forever. But mostly, I love what Hadassah becomes-an incredible, beautiful, self-sacrificing human being. I would like to be that.

Happy Reading!


P.S. Still plugging away on a sequel for “To Call My Own,” but ‘Eden’ can be stubborn!




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